Read more about our four domains and current real-life use cases in our ecosystem.

We solve challenges with real business value. Together, we build new concepts for operations and work processes, product and service solutions as well as business and network models. We also research enabling technologies and their application to these concepts.

Domain 1

Operational excellence

Asset management throughout a paper mills’ life cycle can be greatly enhanced and streamlined. Streamlining occurs with better utilization of existing databases, data analysis and personnel’s expertise. Taking asset management to the next level increases productivity and competitiveness.

Use cases
• Tacit knowledge & Data integration
• Next level maintenance performation

Use case owner
Essity, Metsä Group & UPM

Domain 2

Digital Twins & Productivity

There are no mill-level applications for the optimal utilization of digital twins in productivity development yet. That’s why our second challenge is to create cost-efficient digital twins of existing manufacturing processes and maintain them throughout the paper mill’s life cycle. We aim for concrete solutions to reach the full business potential of digital twins and to create practical applications for them.

Use cases
• Plant life-cycle operational efficiency
• Faster ramp-ups with DTs

Use case owner

Domain 3

Future Work & Tacit Knowledge

The next leap in productivity will take place in the interfaces between humans, automation and machines. It is aided by new, innovative tools that improve the expert’s work, communication, exchange of knowledge and co-operation between paper mills regardless of time and location.

Use cases
• Next gen diary
• 360 degrees status tool

Use case owner
Metsä Group & UPM

Domain 4

Ecosystem orchestration in platform economy

We need efficient and consistent operation models, systems and platforms. They should decrease cultural differences between paper mills, create synergies on local and global level and support networking and innovation. Developing networked, data-based business requires new models of ecosystem orchestration. An interesting example is the modernization of spare parts business by using metadata and new business models.

Use cases
• Mill collaboration management
• Digital optimization of spare parts and marketplace

Use case owner
Metsä Group & UPM